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The Professur Digital Design and Fabrication (DDF), at the Institute for Bulding Design and Technology (IEB) of the KIT Department of Architecture, explores computational design and digital fabrication processes to enable novel digital circular construction concepts. Innovative material and construction systems are prototypically developed on a 1:1 scale at the interface of research and teaching and tested in application-oriented demonstrator projects. This includes all aspects of construction, including architectural design, component production, assembly, reconfiguration as well as disassembly and recycling in an integrated digital process.
The interdisciplinary research of digital construction technologies provides relevant contributions to societal challenges and simultaneously enables the exploration of a novel architectural design and construction repertoire within the framework of research-based teaching.



ReGrow Build

Bachelor | Master

SS23 - LV1720822

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Reprogramming wood waste

Master studio

SS23 - LV 1720807

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Computer driven design

Computer driven design

Master seminar

SS23 - LV 1720808

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Coding interactive prototypes

Master Seminar

SS23 - LV1720812

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